Soundwave Monster

Original Concept by a friend of mine, Munteanu George :

And this is what I got so far :


Will update, as time allows, but at the moment I am doing FX most of the time, so I am laying low on ZBrush…for now.


ZBrush doodles

doodles for a the VisualArt forum challenge, with topics like tentacle and mushroom.

TOAD Manimal

well, this day has come…got my harddrive stolen yesterday on a bus or smth, with all those WIPs, textures, tutorials and stuff I have been crunching on it.
so here’s a WIP that will be final for now, previz for a project I’ve been on a while back…

Genie – WIP

a character from a scene that I am doing, hope I’ll finish it this time
1st character of two.
finished blocking in, reshaping some parts still. Retopo, high frequency details, texture to follow.

3DT#3b – Soldier

3DT#3b challenge – Soldier [Arnold – Terminator]
Here is my Terminator version.
I had a hard time getting him to resemble Arnold, and it’s still missing a notch there, but I got my 4 hours deadline.
I’ll add some new stuff to it as time allowes.
Trying some very fine detailing but at a loss…
c&c, guys… 😀

3DT#3a – Soldier

3DT#3a challenge – Soldier [Guille – Streetfighter]

almost 4 hour for this one
still can’t get pores, beard and all the other small details like shirt textures and stuff in there.

had a lot of fun though

started out with a reference of JeanClaude van Damme but dropped it and just got some deviantart and capcom references…

also, my comp is sooooo slow.
at 2.5M poly with nothn but ZB running, it crashed repeatedly.

c&c welcomed